Frequently Asked Questions

Does disinfecting the vehicle prevents the spread of COVID-19?

In just the last few months, the COVID-19 pandemic has begun effect everyone around the world and sadly, India is being considered as new epicentre for COVID-19, In such scenario it is essential to maintain hygiene all the time and at all the places. Do you Know, the steering wheel of the cars harbor nine times more germs than a public toilet seat, Research has found that while 80 bacteria lurk on each square inch of toilet, around 700 harmful viruses inhabit the car’s interior.
Therefore, cars and all type of vehicles needs to be sanitized on a regular basis to disinfect the vehicle by killing the pathogens, viruses & bacteria’s from your that can harm you & your family’s health and become an unknown reason for the spread.

How much will the services cost?

Our services are cost-effective and highly professional and sustainable, our service specialist will be glad to provide you an estimate based on the services you require.

Is there a charge to diagnose my car?

We do not charge our customers for basic inspection & service quotation if you visit our service center, however, a nominal fee of INR 499 will be charged for the visit if no services are rendered and will be adjusted in the final bill.

Do I need an appointment to avail the services?

Yes, you will require an appointment to avail the professional and prompt services.
Appointment can be booked easily through any of the 3 simple ways; email: service@carprotech.in or Call: 800 8521 888/ 800 8621 333 or even by WhatsApp: +91 800 8521 888

What should I do when my check engine lights comes on?

The electronic system in today's cars relies on a series of sensors – these sensors can also tell you if there's something wrong with your car using warning symbols on the dashboard which could be something very basic or severe.
It’s important to always pay attention to car dashboard warning lights and gauges while driving because they can help you avoid a car breakdown, as well as potentially saving you from an expensive repair bill and keeping you safe on the road.

You can visit our workshop or get served at your doorstep by our mobile mechanics team can help you with electrical system, Engine issues, cooling systems, Air Conditioning maintenance and much more.

Call: 800 852 1888 / 800 862 1333 for assistance.

What payment modes do you accept?

We accept major banks Credit or Debit Cards, Cash and UPI payments whichever you find convenient and make sure to collect the receipt of your payment.

What preparations required by me before Disinfection Service?
  • Vehicle is to be emptied and all valuables must be removed before starting the treatment
  • No person or pet is allowed inside the vehicle during the treatment
  • Our disinfection team will attend your site to carry out the treatment
  • We will ensure that vehicle is parked at a suitable parking spot to start the treatment.
  • A power point may be required if our service car cannot be reached within the 50 meters of your vehicle.
  • After the treatment the vehicle doors must be remained closed for 45 minutes and should not be turned on or used.
How often Vehicle Disinfection is required?

The disinfection treatment effect will last for at least between 60 to 90 days if the in-cabin hygiene standards is maintained and kept cleaned.

What is an Engine Immobilizer & Smart Key?

The engine immobilizer is a state-of-the-art anti-theft system equipped in all modern cars, so, when you insert your key into the ignition switch or bring a Smart Key fob into the vehicle, the key transmits an electronic code to the vehicle. The engine will only start if the code in the transponder chip inside the key or Smart Key fob matches the code in the vehicle's immobilizer.

Many of the few reasons of a faulty system or activated immobilizer is that the engine shuts off after a second or the yellow car/key symbol on the dashboard flashes.  A very low car battery or car battery removal could also cause the immobilizer to become active.

We can help you to program a new key, replacement key, fix the immobilizer and solve all your problems at your doorstep or even at our workshop in a very reasonable price and time.

Why does my car need maintenance if it's running fine?
Regular maintenance of your vehicle protects your investment, helps to prevent breakdowns, and will save you on the cost of repairs in the future.
Why is my check engine light on?

The check engine light is one of the most vital components to a properly functioning vehicle. It alerts the driver of a potential problem on the vehicle’s on-board diagnostic system (main computer). When the check engine light comes on it means that a system in your vehicle — such as ignition, fuel injection, or emission control — is not operating efficiently, even though your vehicle seems to be running fine.If your check engine light comes on and it’s flashing, that indicates a more severe problem that should be checked out immediately to prevent damage to the catalytic converter (part of your exhaust system). When you experience a flashing light, minimize driving at high speeds, especially if you’re towing.When the check engine light comes on, there’s no need to panic, just make an appointment to get your vehicle checked out as soon as possible. Ignoring your check engine light could severely damage engine components and cost you more money in the end.

  1. Will it hurt my engine if I drive my car when the check engine light is on?
  2. It is possible but not too likely. However, you do need to get your vehicle checked out as soon as possible. You may see a decrease in performance.
What should I do if my car starts to overheat?

This is a very serious problem - if your car overheats for too long, you can damage your engine. As soon as possible, find a safe place to pull off the road and shut the engine off! Do not attempt to check the fluid level in the radiator; the hot fluid can cause severe burns. The best thing to do is have your car towed to the nearest, trusted auto repair facility.

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