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    Nano Ceramic Protection

    At Car-Pro Tech, we offer one stop solution for those looking for 9H Nano ceramic coating in Hyderabad. Ceramic coatings are applied by the certified installers to ensure proper steps are followed prior to installation, these steps are essential for a proper bond between nano coatings and the paint. Improper preparation and installation will result in lower durability and protection.

    At Car-Pro Tech each technician has hundreds of hours of experience in installing multiple types of ceramic, glass and nano coatings to ensure the best results.

    Yet, we guarantee the best output and long-lasting solutions in unbeatable price in our own Hyderabad city.

    Why to get Nano Ceramic Protection?

    9H Nano Ceramic Coatings are the new best car paint protection solution for car owners looking to preserve the brand-new look of their vehicle with the lowest amount of maintenance possible. Pro-grade ceramic car coatings form an extremely glossy 9H hard shell on your paint effectively protecting it from color fading, weathering, oxidation and gloss loss.

    What you finally gonna get out of it:

    • Three-Steps of Nano-Polish preparation that gives a surface high glass and mirror effect
    • Single-layer application of Ceramic 9H as permanent protective paint NaNo coating
    • Extra layer of Ceramic 9H applied on Your Car front parts (Bonnet, bumper, fenders and mirrors)
    • Single-layer application of Formula Plus to enhance the shine.
    • Rims Detailed and protected Ceramic Rims Protection
    • Windshield & front windows protected with NaNo Glass coating
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