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    ECU Programming & Repairs

    At CAR-PRO TECH we specialize in servicing all brands and luxury cars, and are able to carry out the specialist maintenance that these cars require.

    We can carry out specialist tuning services to make your vehicle perform better, and reach even higher speeds. Offering sophisticated chip tuning, our technicians in Hyderabad, India can modify the ECU (Electronic Control Unit) to have your car perform even better.

    ECUs communicate with the engine to control key features of your vehicle such as electronic throttle, control, boost control, for turbocharged engines, automatic transmission, electronic stability control, and anti-lock braking ignition, valve timing and idle speed. We repair and upgrade your ECU to keep it functioning effectively and efficiently.

    Conducting regular maintenance on any vehicle is essential for good performance and roadworthiness. If you own a high-performance or luxury vehicle, then having engine maintenance carried out is especially important for maintaining the high standard of workmanship and quality. 

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